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Freedom From Conflict–Is This Adding Meaning To My Life?

In discovering the truth in your life, Kelly Antwine suggests asking yourself this simple question: Is what you’re doing adding meaning to your life? And so goes part 10 of our special series on Freedom From Conflict.    

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Freedom From Conflict, the series begins today


Today we begin a new, 11-part video series from Dallas counselor Kelly Antwine entitled, Freedom From Conflict: Discovering the Truth of Who You Are. Kelly delivered this in a lecture for at the Unity Church of Dallas on Sept. 18, 2012. In this series, Kelly discusses the secrets to happiness and for discovering the […]

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Penn State: Did the NCAA go too far or not far enough?

Did the NCAA’s penalties for Penn State go too far?  Or not far enough? It seems that there is a lot of talk about the severity of the penalties handed down by the NCAA against Penn State. There is also debate over whether or not the statue of Joe Paterno should have been removed from […]

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How to Talk To Children About the Aurora, CO Shootings–For Children and Adults

By Dr. Harold Duncan Trauma and grief often intrude unexpectedly and violently in our lives.  Such was the case when a lone gunman killed and severely wounded dozens of theatergoers in Aurora, Colorado. Regardless of where we are located geographically and whether we actually were connected to any of the victims of the tragedy, the […]

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