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About Us

“Is this all there is?” If you are asking yourself this question, we want to assure you that there’s more! At Preston Place Counseling, we believe that life holds infinite promise. Helping people understand this concept is so central to our mission of hope and change that we adopted the phrase “There’s More” as a representation of our counseling philosophy.

What does “There’s More” mean? We believe life offers unlimited opportunities for connection, meaning, purpose and growth. For example, there is always more love to share, more peace to experience, more joy to anticipate and more creativity to express.

Why do I feel like “There’s nothing?” Rich, life-affirming experiences are often overshadowed by emotional wounds and their symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, shame and grief. Unfortunately, significant emotional wounds rarely heal if left unaddressed. Instead, they leave you feeling hopeless.

What can I do about it? Studies have shown that the healing process is initiated by help-seeking behavior. In other words, the simple act of contacting a counselor brings a sense of relief. As counselors, our job is to provide you with a safe and secure environment, to equip you to overcome emotional pain and to walk alongside you as you work through that process. This puts you in the optimal position to work, change and grow.

Beyond the loss of hope is a life of promise. Why don’t you call us and learn for yourself what we mean when we say “There’s More?