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Freedom From Conflict–Step Four Of The Program

Kelly Antwine continues the series, Freedom From Conflict, as part of a lecture series with The Meadows Lecture Series in Dallas with “Step Four of the Program.” Is your life in conflict? We’re presenting this 11-part series as a free service to help you find some of the important truths in your life.  

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Freedom From Conflict: The Inescapable Truth

Today, in Part 6 of our series on Freedom From Conflict, Dallas Counselor Kelly Antwine of Preston Place Counseling talks about “The Inescapable Truth.” This video is part of the 11-part series developed from the Sept. 18, 2012 presentation Kelly made to The Meadows Lecture Series at the Dallas Unity Church. Please watch this video, […]

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Freedom from Conflict: The Distorted Truth


Part two of our major video series, Freedom from Conflict, with Kelly Antwine is entitled “The Distorted Truth!” The truth is something, Kelly says, that gets distorted real early in our lives, like when you fall down, scrape a knee and go to your mother and she says, “Oh, That doesn’t hurt!”  Kelly remembers, “It […]

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