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A Word About 2016

A Word About 2016


It’s a really good “counselor question:”

“What did you learn in 2016?”

Of course, every day provides numerous opportunities to learn something new or to be reminded of something we already know.  But this is a perfect time of the year to “take inventory” of our lives.  Where am I?  Where am I compared to where I was this time last year?  Where am I compared to where I really want to be?

A few suggestions: “What did I learn about . . .”

  •  Myself?

My Relationships?  What are some of the best qualities I bring to my most important relationships?  What are some of the worst?  What can I do to enhance the quality of my relationships in 2017?

My Thinking Patterns?  Are they mostly positive or mostly negative?  Upon what do I allow myself to dwell: How the world is steadily going “downhill” or the signs of hope for a better tomorrow?

My Feelings?  Am I able to identify and verbalize the feelings that will enable me to communicate with others in more substantive ways?

My Priorities?  What are the most important things in my life?  Who are the most important people?  Do they know that?  How can I do a better job of delivering these messages?

Simplifying my Life?  How can I get rid of some of my “baggage,” material baggage as well as emotional baggage?  What can I do to add quality to my life without just adding more “stuff?”

My Mistakes?  Mistakes are wonderful learning opportunities.  Don’t let your 2016 mistakes go to waste by missing the lessons.

Additionally, what did I learn in 2016 about:

  •  Stress?  Did I learn how to manage it, or do I allow stress to manage me?
  •   Loss?



Moving Forward?

  •  Helping Others?  “Paying it Forward?”  Random acts of kindness?  Treating others as I want to be treated?
  • Leaving the World a Better Place?

The list of questions is endless.  And each question provides us with opportunities not only for enhancing our personal insight but also for sharing with people who are closest and dearest.

Take some of the questions above (or others of your own choosing) and talk with your family and friends.  Better yet, put some of these questions on the table and listen to what your “others” have to say!

You and they will be blessed!

Harold D Duncan, PhD



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