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 A Word about “A Word About”

 A Word about “A Word About”
I have been writing these articles for the past 18 months.  On average, a new one is published every two weeks.  (Except for the last 8 weeks.  Don’t start with me.  I have my excuses!)
Recently, I have been fortunate enough to have added 150-200 new recipients to this email list.  Welcome to each of you!
As a result of these additional readers, it seemed a good idea to give everyone a brief explanation and orientation about what I hope to accomplish here.
With each publication, I hope to share with you items of interest pertaining to some aspect of counseling, communication and relationships. None of us exists in isolation.  To paraphrase noted family therapist, author and speaker Harville Hendrix, we are born in relationships, we grow up in relationships, we are nourished in relationships, we are wounded in relationships, and we heal in relationships.
Due to my role as individual and family therapist, I consistently learn about new concepts, new sources of information and new videos that are helpful to me, and, I think, will be helpful to you.
*None of this material is copyrighted, therefore I want you to feel free to copy, forward and otherwise use the content of these “Words” in any way that is helpful to you, your family and friends.
*I welcome your feedback, especially your suggestions for future issues.
*I urge you to visit our web site:
 There, you will find additional resources from me and the other therapists at Preston Place Counseling.
*Finally, if I or anyone in our office can be of help in any way, please do not hesitate to call or email us.  We offer a wide range of counseling services for a wide variety of people dealing with a wide spectrum of issues. We welcome the opportunity to help you, your family and/or your friends.
Blessings to all,

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