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A Word about Bicycles

A Word about Bicycles


I just learned of a fascinating video I want you to see!  It is a wonderful illustration of how our brains work.

It’s all about neural pathways and neuroplasticity.

Each of us has a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, but one of the lessons of this video is “Knowledge does not equal Understanding.”  What an important concept, because it impacts literally every aspect of our lives.

For example, you probably have a lot of knowledge about how humans communicate.  What you may not realize is, in spite of your knowledge, you may not fully understand all the implications of the communication process.

Consider some of our most basic interpersonal interactions:

  • How do we talk to other people?
  • How do we listen (or not listen) to others?
  • How do we handle conflict, anger, hurt, disappointment, joy and happiness?
  • How do we celebrate achievement and mourn loss?
  • How do we express love, affection and gratitude?
  • How do we receive love, affection, gratitude and compliments?

There are thousands of habits that we have learned in our lifetimes.  Some of these serve us well, and some are counter-productive and self-defeating.

Like most people, you probably learned these things in the family in which you grew up.  Once learned, these habits have been practiced for most if not all your life.  So, the neural pathways have become deeper and stronger over the years.  Over time, you do these things without thinking about them-like riding a bike, right?

But what happens when you realize that something very fundamental  needs to change?  Please click on the image above to see the video.  You will have a deeper understanding of two things:

  • Change is possible, and
  • Change requires a great deal of focus, effort, practice and perseverance.

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