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A Word about Empathy

A Word about Empathy


Couples who come to counseling usually have two very important things in common: they are disconnected from each other (mildly, moderately or majorly) and they feel unsafe with each other (sometimes physically but most often emotionally).

One reality of couples’ therapy, according to highly regarded marital therapists, researchers and authors Harville and Helen Hendrix is, “connection is possible only in an atmosphere of safety.” Therefore, one of our most important objectives in couples’ therapy is to help the couple create and sustain an atmosphere of physical and emotional safety. Makes sense, right? Right!

While there are many ways of rebuilding safety, one of the most important and fundamental components is treating each other with empathy.

I recently shared with you a video on “blame” by Brené Brown, Ph.D.  She is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work.

Please take 3 minutes to view her video on the subject of empathy. Just click on the picture above. You’ll be glad you did, and so will the people with whom you have the closest and most important relationships.

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