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A Word about February 11

A Word about February 11

Did you remember to save the date?  I asked you to few weeks ago, so I’m sure most of you did!  You did, right?

Quite simply, it is the best couples’ communication program I have ever seen in my 35+ years of professional counseling!  It’s called Safe Conversations, and the counselors at Preston Place Counseling are honored to be Master Trainers as well as workshop facilitators.

In fact, I utilize the principles taught in this program every day in my counseling office.  Many couples learn to have conversations they have never had before!  They learn to say exactly what they want to say in a manner that is gentle and kind and safe.  They learn to truly hear what the other is saying and to hear on several different levels.  They learn to look each other in the eyes and to interact with each other without negativity.  Really!

The live event will be at Fair Park in Dallas and includes programs for children and teens.  Workshop materials, food and drinks and childcare are provided free of charge.

The program will also be streamed live throughout the city and around the world.  The site where we will be is Prestoncrest Church of Christ, just across the street from our counseling offices.  I am recommending this program to every couple with whom I counsel, and we would love to see you at our site.  Your relationship will benefit regardless of what shape it is currently in.

Just click on the image below, and you will be directed to the web site where you may sign up.


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