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A Word about Following your Dreams

A Word about Following your Dreams


A few weeks ago, I wrote a “Word” about following your heart.  In it, I advised that, when making the most important decisions in life, it is not wise to follow your heart, which is invariably fickle, but instead to follow you head, your logical, rational guide.

An important distinction must be made:  Following your dreams is not the same as following your heart!


I believe one of the most important components that make us who we truly are is our capacity to dream, to imagine what can be, to look beyond the past and present and think about what is yet to come! (The best is yet to be, according to Robert Browning.)

It is so easy to become stuck in the past.  Past failures and past regrets, of course, but also past accomplishments and successes.  Sadly, some people are forever looking backward.  It is almost impossible to drive a car while constantly looking in the rear view mirror!

Others may be stuck in the present, so anxious and fearful about what the future may bring, that they are almost (or altogether) paralyzed.

Dreaming is exciting and energizing.  And yes, it can also be frightening, because it often involves risk.  However, as we all know, living our lives involves risk, getting out of bed in the morning in some ways is risky.  Certainly, when we get into a car, we have no guarantee that our journey, no matter how simple, will be a safe one.

A couple in counseling once told me, “We don’t dream anymore.”  How terribly sad!  I often ask couples in my office to share with each other what they are looking forward to, to share their dreams with their spouse.  They usually are very excited to have that conversation, especially when they have previously been focused on managing crises and putting out marital fires.

Following our dreams can be exhilarating and life-changing.  Don’t ever stop!


Emma Stone is the Oscar-winning actress in the 2016 hit film, La La Land.  In the above picture, she is auditioning for a part in an upcoming film.  She sings, The Fools who Dream.  Just click on the image and you will be directed to the video clip and a wonderful treat!

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