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A Word about “Grief Light”

A Word about “Grief Light”
Julie Yarbrough is a friend. I have known her for several years. She has a heart for people who are hurting, and she is no stranger to grief.
We grieve when we suffer loss, and losses can come in many different forms. Certainly, when we lose loved ones, we grieve. But we also grieve in response to numerous other life challenges:
  • Loss of a Job
  • Loss of Health
  • Loss of a Marriage
  • Loss of Life Dreams
  • Loss of Finances
  • Loss of a Friend
  • Loss of Trust
For several years, Julie has written and spoken on the subject. Her books, articles and blog posts can be found on her web site:


Her newly published book is entitled, Grief Light: Reflections on Grief.
(She graciously sent a copy to me. I passed it along to a client whose wife had passed away only two weeks earlier. I have just ordered several more copies.)
According to the book jacket:


Grief Light is for anyone who is grieving. From her personal perspective on the “light” side of grief, the author illuminates many of the universal truths of grief through practical, spiritual illustrations and examples from ordinary life. Written in an informal, approachable style, each brief meditation offers grief insight through the rich imagery of stories and scenes from everyday experience, supported by Scripture and a prayer idea. 


Chances are good that you know someone right now who is grieving. Perhaps that person is you. Grief Light is available on Julie’s web site and Amazon.com. I urge you to do yourself (or someone you love) a favor and buy a copy of this book. You will be blessed.


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