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A Word about Guidance

A Word about Guidance


 Accepting guidance from someone requires a certain level of trust. While trust comes more easily and naturally to some than to others, practically every aspect of our lives is based upon our willingness to trust someone else–even people we do not know and will never meet!

 Think about it. When we take our cars on the simplest of errands, we are placing our trust in the people who assembled our automobiles as well as the people who manufactured the parts. We don’t know them, but we trust them. When on the road in our cars, we trust that the other drivers are going to comply with the laws that are designed to keep everyone safe.


It was a real blessing to be able to spend several days in France recently. I had never been, and it was a wonderful trip.

However, on the day we were scheduled to fly out of Paris back to the USA, the French taxi drivers were on a nation-wide strike protesting the services provided by Uber.  No taxis were going to Charles de Gaulle International Airport, and several Uber drivers had been physically assaulted, so they were not driving there either! What to do?

Thankfully, the concierge at our hotel put it all together for us. He arranged for a private driver to take us to the light rail station closest to the airport. The driver then handed us off to a second man who helped us with our bags, rode with us on the train and made sure we exited at the correct station at the airport. He then handed us off to a third person who walked us through the airport to the place where we checked in for our flight and checked our luggage.

My point is this: We depended upon four “handlers” to help us arrive where we ultimately needed to be. We had not met them before, and we will likely never see them again. We don’t know anything about them except their names, but we trusted them. In fact, without them, we would still be looking for gate 2E at Charles de Gaulle!

You get it. In order for us to live the lives we live and be in the relationships we enjoy, we must trust, even when it is difficult and scary. These are the factors that enable us all to live together, work together and enjoy the quality of life we do.

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