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A Word about Hate

A Word about Hate

I’ve never seen anything like it–and neither have you!

I’m talking about the degree and intensity of the polarization in our country and in the world.


Of course, people have always disagreed!  That is not the issue. Healthy disagreement can lead to healthy discussion in which each party respects the other, listens to the other and thoughtfully considers the value of what the other is saying.  (Do you remember when we used to do that?) We might even learn something important from those with whom we disagree.

But what we often see and hear today is a steady stream of disrespect, disdain, contempt and outright hatred for the other person, group, party or point of view.  It seems that we can no longer “agree to disagree.”  If you disagree with me (in this present climate), you are not only wrong, you are evil, and you must be silenced!

As a therapist, I am in the “connection” business.  I love to help people heal their wounds, individual and relational.  I love to help people learn how to prevent future disconnection.

I also know very well the impact of hate on the “hater” and the “hatee.” As has been said about anger, hate is an emotion that destroys it’s container!  It will eat us alive from the inside out.

(Consider the graphic above.  Consider the possibility that those who hate most vehemently are also those who are most afraid and insecure.)

The only way we will survive as individuals, relationships, communities and nations is to work toward safe connection with each other.

Compare the attitude of hate to that of optimism, love and grace!  We can choose to see our world and the people in it in positive terms.  The signature song of the one and only Louis Armstrong is, “What a Wonderful World.”


If you have three minutes for a genuine treat, click on the above image, turn your volume up and think about the many ways in which our world is a truly wonderful place! Enjoy, and then choose to dwell on the awe and wonder of our world instead of the fear and hate!

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