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A Word about Honking

A Word about Honking


Nobody was going anywhere. Looking ahead through the traffic, it was impossible to see the cause of the gridlock, whether it would continue for only a few minutes or if you would be there for hours!

Regardless, one lady in the middle of the traffic jam was honking her horn incessantly, as if that would solve everyone’s problem.

The driver in front of her finally opened his door and calmly walked back to her car. He said, “I have a suggestion. Let’s swap places. You sit in my car, and I’ll honk your horn!”

Okay, it is probably not a true story, but I find it instructive nonetheless.

Many people in our world are doers! They are creative, resourceful forward-thinkers. They are builders. They want to make a positive contribution to humankind, and they are willing to take risks (and make mistakes) in the process. Their contributions can be seen in every area of human existence: Medicine, Architecture, the Arts and Sciences, Social Services, Education and Construction, just to name a few.

Other people are more invested in criticizing the doers and their deeds. They are very skilled at finding something wrong with everything and everyone. They love the sound of their own horn honking!

A simple analogy is that of “builders” and “wreckers.” While it takes a certain amount of skill and knowledge to tear a building down, it takes much more (and much more time) to plan and build a structure that is safe, functional and enduring.

You and I have many choices every day. Today, we can choose to be positive, encouraging and supportive. Or we can choose to be critical, negative and derogatory, that is, honkers.

I hope you agree that we already have far too many honkers in the world!

Please don’t add your horn to the noise!

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