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A Word about Life Changers

A Word about Life Changers

They come in all shapes and sizes, old and young, short and tall, all ethnic, cultural and faith configurations.  Some are wealthy.  Most are not.  Some are formally educated.  All are wise.  They are the people we all know and love.  People who have impacted our lives for the better.  They are family members, friends, neighbors and strangers.  And they change lives!  Every day!

Ordinary people with an “Extra” added for the sake of accuracy!

They are not flashy, and they don’t make the headlines.  They get up in the mornings, clean up and go about doing what they believe is the right thing to do.

They are dependable and honest, and they simply make the world a better place by changing the lives of the people with whom they come in contact.

They rear their families, they pay their bills and sometimes, they pay bills for other people.  They foster children, and they adopt other children–especially “broken” children. They babysit, they clean houses, they go to work, they give to those who have needs.

And they don’t whine and complain!

They are generous with their money, their time, their energy and their love and compassion.  They buy groceries for people, they pay rent for others, they take people to lunch, and they visit others in hospitals, in jails and in prisons.

They stand alongside those who are in trouble, legal trouble, financial trouble, medical trouble, family trouble, even those who have brought their troubles upon themselves!  They don’t judge or condemn. They love, support, reassure, encourage and pray.

And they don’t tell other people how they should live their lives!  They model caring behavior.

They volunteer, they sacrifice and they don’t always get what they want.  They teach and tutor, and they are grateful, because they understand how blessed they truly are.

They are certainly not perfect, but they change the lives of other people in thousands of ways that often go unnoticed and certainly uncelebrated!  And is so doing, they change the world.  They make their families and communities a better place to live.

2018 is coming at us full speed!  I am looking forward to it.

What will you do?  Who will you be?

Whose life will you change?

The possibilities are endless!

I wish for you the happiest of Happy New Year’s.

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