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A Word about Messes

A Word about Messes
I’ve never met Jerry Van Amerongen, creator of “Ballard Street,” but I consider him to be an imaginative and insightful observer of the human condition.  His cartoons never cease to delight me and make me think–what a great combination!
As a Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, I frequently find myself helping people who are in the middle of a mess–or several messes.  Some are of their own making, but many are not.
At this time of the year, my phone rings at a rate that is above the norm for the rest of the year.  I believe this is because people have been living in their various “messes” for a long time, and someone has decided “that’s long enough!”  “Something must change.”  “I will not live through another year like this one!” “Life is too short to continue to live like this.” Or, my favorite: “Life is too long to continue to live like this.”
Statistics tell us the average length of time for couples to live in a difficult relationship before they seek professional help (if they seek professional help), is 6-7 years.  Yes, that’s a long time.  A long time to live with hurt and anger and resentment.  A long time to live with doubt and despair.  A long time to live being disconnected from and not trusting the person we once promised to love, honor and cherish for life.
Couples counseling does not “fix” relationships.  Counselors do not “fix” couples.  But we seek to help couples gain insight and understanding into their relationships and the causes of their problems–insight and understanding they have never had.
Counselors seek to help couples learn and practice communication skills they have never had.
Counselors seek to help couples have conversations they have never had.  Healing conversations.  Connecting conversations.  Safe conversations.
To that point, you will hear more about this from me over the next few weeks, but I encourage you to consider signing up for the “Safe Conversations” event scheduled for February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day.  Regardless of the shape of your relationship (or the “mess” of your relationship), you will be blessed, and your relationship will be enhanced.
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