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A Word about Routine (Boring) Behavior

A Word about Routine (Boring) Behavior

“So, Harold, what are you doing these days?”

Alan was a friend I met at the Cooper Aerobics Center and had known for several years before he and his wife moved to California.  After living there for 5-6 years, they moved back, and he rejoined Cooper’s.


I responded to his question, telling him I am doing private practice counseling, teaching university courses as an Adjunct Instructor and conducting an occasional workshop.

He replied, “Harold, that’s what you were doing 10 years ago!”


He was right, of course, and I realized how “routine” my life is; yes, and predictable, and maybe even boring!?


Certainly, I know we “routine people” can be controlled by our routines, and we can become inflexible and resist any change in our schedules, and we can lose all spontaneity and any sense of adventure in our lives.  We may even border on obsessive behavior!

But we are “Routine People,” for better or for worse.

  • We love to make lists.
  • We enjoy following our lists.
  • We celebrate checking things off our lists.
  • We keep calendars, because they tell us where we need to be, what time we need to be there, and what we need to be doing.
  • We close open doors, drawers and cabinets.
  • There is a place for everything, and we are most comfortable  when everything to be in it’s place.
  • We don’t like to waste time looking for our car keys, cell phones and billfolds.  We want them to be where they are “supposed” to be.   (Even certain shelves in the refrigerator have a specific purpose.)

And yes, I know we can be irritating at times and maybe a bit controlling if you don’t do things the way we think they should be done.  And I know we can somtimes be smug and arrogant, but we get things done!

So, please be gentle and patient with us.  Just smile as we go through our routines and be loving, respectful and supportive.  Because no matter our faults, you will miss us when we bore ourselves to death!

Harold D Duncan, PhD



Note:  As always, Please feel free to share these “Words” with anyone who you think will benefit.

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