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A Word about “Surviving the Holidays”

A Word about “Surviving the Holidays”

Many of us look forward to the upcoming holidays.  This season evokes wonderful memories of family, friends, food and frivolity.  (How’s that for a little alliteration?)

We also know that not everyone shares those feelings of eager anticipation.  And understandably so.  People often express the sentiment, : “If my life were on tape (or a DVD), I would fast forward to January!”

Some of you (or someone you know) have had a challenging 2017, and that may be an understatement.  You may have lost a loved one, you may have lost a marriage or you may have experienced any number of traumatic events.  The first holiday season without your loved one or in your new circumstance can be especially difficult!

Others of you cannot remember ever having a “happy holiday” season. Your memories are of turmoil, conflict, abuse, pain and fear.

If this describes you or someone you know, I encourage you to click on the above image and register for this event.  There is no charge, but registration is required.

You might laugh, you might cry, but healing will take place!

I wish everyone the best holiday season possible.

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