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A Word about ‘Thank You, COVID’

A Word about “Thank You, COVID”

Everyone is aware (some, painfully so) of the frustrations of living in our current sequestering, social distancing, mask wearing society.

Most are doing the best they know how to do, but many are still having a difficult time under the circumstances.  You have probably read about the huge increases (just this year) in substance overuse and dependency, process addictions, depression, anxiety, divorce and many more.

Occasionally, however, I have asked my counseling clients if they have been able to identify any positives that have come along with the challenges.

Surprisingly, many have responded enthusiastically to my inquiries.  Here are just a few of the answers:

“COVID has given me the opportunity to take better care of myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

“I have been forced to rethink and reorder my priorities.”

” I spend more time with my family.”

“I am grateful to have kept my job and income.”

“We have been forced to cut some of the unnecessary things from our budget and live on less.  And that’s a good thing!”

“As a family, we are less disconnected.  We plan family meals and activities much better than before COVID.”

I know you can identify with most if not all of the above reactions.  Clearly, none of us has ever experienced what we are now experiencing.  

However, our pandemic reminds me of the question about fire: “Is it good or bad?”The answer, of course, “It depends.”  Fire can cause great destruction and calamity.  Fire also can refine precious metals.

So it depends upon the “material” from which you and I are made!

Blessings, Peace, Health and Safety to all!

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