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A Word About The Cards You Have Been Dealt

A Word About The Cards You Have Been Dealt

700 Sundays is an autobiography written by Billy Crystal. The title refers to the number of Sundays shared by Billy and his father, Jack Crystal, who died when Billy was 15.


It is a powerful and heart-warming depiction of his growing up and adult years, his parents, siblings, extended family members and a host of friends, many of whom were accomplished jazz musicians and vocalists.  It is a wonderfully entertaining read.

Throughout the book, Crystal refers to the cards he was dealt as he made his way through of life, some of which were unexpected, painful and gut-wrenching.

But near the end, he looks at his most important cards.  He creates the image of himself sitting at a card table across from God, who has dealt him five cards, face down on the table in front of him.

“I pick up the first . . . “Maybe five foot seven?” 

Oh come on.

I turn over the second . . . “Lose your father when you’re fifteen.” 

Can I get another card?

My third card . . . “Have your mother her entire life.”

And the fourth . . . 

“Marry an incredible woman, have two beautiful daughters, 

and now your first granddaughter.”

The last one . . . 

“Get to do what you’ve always wanted to do 

since you first made them laugh in the living room.”

I hold the cards in my hand. He stares me down. 

I look at them one more time, but I don’t really have to. 

“I’m going to stick, 

and I’m going to raise you everything I have. 

What do you got?” 

I stare at him with confidence, waiting for God to make his move. 

He stares back. I smile. He folds . . . He can’t beat me.”

Of course, we all know God is never trying to beat us.  In fact, He has been on our side every step of the way.

We have all been dealt cards we did not want, cards that have been very painful.  But there are other cards, good cards, winning cards!

Remember, the “game” is not over.  Cards are still being dealt.

Don’t forget to look at all the cards in your hand!

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