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A Word about the Tom Watson Suite

A Word about the Tom Watson Suite

As Jack Paar (ask your grandparents) would say, “I kid you not!” Paar was the late-night talk show forerunner of Johnny Carson (ask your parents).

It was several years ago on Valentine’s day weekend, and I decided to be a good husband!

I booked dinner and a room at the Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas. When we checked in, we were surprised to hear, “Welcome, Mr. Duncan, your upgrade is ready.” (Upgrade?)

The bellman took our bags and led us outside to a waiting golf cart. We were taken to the Tom Watson Suite. Now, this was a sweet suite! Three bedrooms, huge master bath, formal living and dining areas. The sliding glass doors opened onto the 18th green! I kid you not.

Our first reaction: Is it too late to call our friends and throw an impromptu party?  We decided it was, so we were destined to enjoy this luxury by ourselves.

Our second reaction: Somebody made a big mistake! We are in a suite that was intended for someone else!  So, it is only a matter of time before we hear a knock on the door and a very embarrassed and apologetic person telling us we have to move.

Sure enough, after dinner, it was not a knock on the door, but the ringing of the doorbell (remember, this is a suite). We looked at each other thinking, “Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted.”

But instead of a request to change rooms, we were greeted by another bellman with a complimentary bowl of fresh, whole fruit and a huge bottle of artesian water.  “Have a wonderful evening!”

So, we decided to unpack and stay. But not before wasting a few hours being anxious about losing something that was not really ours to begin with. Imagine that!

What’s the lesson?  Maybe something as simple as, “Good stuff happens!”  Enjoy those moments when they come instead of waiting for and expecting something disappointing.  Enjoy the moment, and try to stay in the moment.  Try looking for the good stuff in life instead of “living in the wreckage of the future!”

Who knows?  When we cultivate the habit of looking for and anticipating positive things in life, perhaps we will actually experience more and more good stuff.


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