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A Word about Valentine’s Day

A Word about Valentine’s Day


Yes, Valentine’s Day.  It’s never too early, you know!

Here’s where that is coming from:  This is a time of the year when it it very natural to reflect on our lives and our relationships.  What was 2018 like in terms of my family and friendships?  What was good about it? (Many things, I hope!)

On the other hand, what did I say or do that I would like to un-say or undo?  What opportunities did I miss to bless and encourage someone else?

Am I where I want to be individually, and is this where I want to be in my most important relationships?

In December and January, therapists receive numerous calls from people who are not particularly satisfied with where they are in life.  They look back at the previous year, and they “resolve” to do better in the coming year.

Please consider this to be a “save the date” announcement!

The Event:  Safe Conversations Workshop

The Date:  February 16, 2019

What better way to show your partner how much you truly care about them and about your relationship than to learn a brand new set of communication skills, both listening skills and speaking skills.  Your

conversations will take on a completely different tone, and your interactions will never be the same.

More information is forthcoming, but I hope you will add this event to your calendar and that you will share this note with other family members and friends who might also be interested.

By the way, Happy New Year!

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