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A Word about “Your Learnings”

Editor’s Note:  Last week, I asked you to share some of the things you are learning from our unprecedented medical crisis and its ramifications, namely “social distancing” and “sheltering in place.”  Thank you for your responses, some of which are excerpted below.

• I have learned that there is so much good in the world, hiding in plain sight!

• I feel like these circumstances involving the coronavirus are partly God or the universe calling people to “wake up” and return to deeper relationships, gratitude, hope, love, joy, peace, faith and compassion.

• I have learned to be more sensitive to those less fortunate, especially wait staff in restaurants.  I have been consistently “overtipping,” and I have decided to continue that practice indefinitely.

• My hope is that the world will continue to be a kinder, more thoughtful place after this.

• Personally, I have been using prayer and meditation and also mantra and energy work to feel and release my negative energy/feelings and blocks.

• When I am open to learning from every experience, good and bad .. . then it becomes easier to connect with God and be still with real peace.

• I have learned that angels are everywhere.  (Many of them look like you and me.) They are taking care of the elderly.  They are feeding the hungry. They are working as first responders, nurses, physicians, medical techs, patient care techs, hospital food service workers.  They are working overtime to make sure as many as possible are as healthy as possible!

• Finally, my question evoked another thought-provoking question: “What does this make possible?” Thanks to all for sharing your wisdom, insights and resolutions!

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