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A Word from C. S. Lewis–Addendum

A Word from C. S. Lewis–Addendum

Editor’s Note: Last week, I sent a “word” from

C. S. Lewis.

I received many notes of feedback from my readers, but one was particularly important.  It came from a long-time friend who is also an accomplished physician.

She has granted her consent for me to share her thoughts with you, and I gladly do that for the purpose of differentiating between the atomic bomb and COVID-19.

I agree in general about this one, but felt I really needed to say something.  In this situation with Covid, doing usual human things is not sensible. It is very different from an atomic bomb that will kill all at once regardless. With an infectious disease, continuing to gather and do these things, “spikes the curve” which overwhelms medical and social services and leads to far more deaths. Yes, we should try to maintain joy and do things such as music, reading, playing, etc. with our families IN OUR HOMES, but working, going to school, chatting over a pint and playing darts with friends is irresponsible at best and negligent homicide at worse when in a pandemic–very different from huddling in fear from a bomb. 

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