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Healthy Sexuality–Mr. & Mrs. Griffith

Healthy Sexuality–Mr. & Mrs. Griffith

In part four of our series, Susan and Glenn Griffith of Dallas pave the way into why discussions about healthy sexuality are important in building a lasting marriage.  Married for more than 47 years now, they’ve seen a lot of families make it and broken apart.

In this video, Dr. Harold Duncan also continues with his presentation in the Forever Together class offered at Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas.

(This is Part 2 in a series of 8 on Healthy Sexuality) A new video will post Monday – Thursday the weeks of Sept. 9 and 16, 2013.

The couples in the videos are mentor couples from the Prestoncrest Church of Christ class, Forever Together, which is taught to help those considering marriage make their way through the changes in life necessary from going from a single life to a shared life.  Toward the end of each semester of classes, Dr. Duncan makes this presentation about healthy sexuality.  Joined in this series are Brad and Leslie Jackson (married 32 years), Susan and Glenn Griffith (married 47 years), and Randy and Dr. Michelle Tucker (married 29 years).  Each couple adds some of their experiences and insights during the series as well as featuring their own segments entitled Mr. & Mrs. JacksonMr. & Mrs. Griffith and Mr. and Dr. Tucker.

If you’re interested in signing up for the class at Prestoncrest, please visit this link.

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