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New Boy’s Group Launches with Tremendous Success

New Boy’s Group Launches with Tremendous SuccessKelly Antwine 2013 Dec Mug SM

Kelly Antwine is pleased to announce the beginning of a new boy’s group which met for the first time on May 20th from 7:00 – 8:30 pm in his office at Preston Place Counseling located at 12700 Preston Road Suite 150, Dallas TX 75230.

The group started with three participants ranging in age from 15 to 17 years old.  According to Kelly, the scariest part of this entire process for him was the realization that each of these boys is smarter than he is. Seriously, Kelly says he is amazed at the intelligence these young men possess and their ability to express themselves. Not so surprising is what they all seem to have in common. Each one possesses a strong need to be heard and to feel like they matter. Kelly believes this is not only what these boys are looking for, but all of us on one level or another.

Boys especially are looking for validation from their fathers or father figures. Men are typically the only ones capable of acknowledging boys struggles and validating that they are on the right path. However, so many times, fathers are either absentee through divorce or work, or are overly critical in an attempt to help the boy avoid making a mistake; sometimes the same mistake the father made years earlier.

This group launched with a great deal of enthusiasm, expectations, hope, and promise of becoming much more than anyone had even imagined; especially the boys. Kelly said he texted each of the participants the day after the first group just to wish each a good day and he got immediate feedback from each one of the boys. One of the boys went so far as to say he had already had some positive results at home from applying some of the things that were discussed in the first group.

It’s not magic according to Kelly. It’s just a place where boys feel safe to say whatever they need to say and know there is someone there who is going to listen and who cares.

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