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Word about Tele-Counseling

A Word about Tele-Counseling

Everyone today is impacted by COVOD-19, but the impact may be different for each of us.

  • Sadly, many are feeling the medical impact, personally or as a result of family members or friends being infected and/or quarantined.
  • Millions worldwide are feeling the financial impact, not being able to do the jobs they have always done, earn the income they have always earned and pay the bills they have always paid.
  • Most are feeling the emotional impact including one or a combination of the following:
  • Isolation and Loneliness
  • Grief and Loss
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Many, many more!

I have decided, as long as we are “sheltered in place,” to offer tele-counseling sessions for a flat fee of $100 (half my usual rate).  I am using a platform called doxy.me.  It works very much like FaceTime, but it is HIPAA approved.  So it is being used by physicians, nurses, counselors and other professionals who require this type of protected communication.

If you or someone you know would like to schedule an appointment, simply reply to this email address, and I will be in touch to schedule the session and share with you the details about how we can connect online.  You may also share this with others who may not be on this email list.

I pray that God will bless and keep you safe and healthy during this crisis.  And that you will reach out and “touch” the lives of those in need, first responders, medical personnel and others who are on the front lines.

From Methodist Health System

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