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A Word About Anxiety – From Dr. Harold Duncan

A Word about Anxiety

Anxiety is the body’s reaction to any circumstance that it perceives as disturbing or threatening.

It has been described as a “rehearsal for what might go wrong.” What might be difficult, painful or calamitous.

It is normal to have occasional anxiety. We’ve all experienced moments of stress and anxiety in our everyday lives.

  • Being late for an appointment
  • Having an argument with a loved one
  • Being eager to hear about medical tests
  • Did I get the promotion?  Do I still have a job?

There are many times, however, when our anxieties can take control of our lives.

The following video from a few years ago beautifully depicts a dog fraught with anxiety. It’s called “Prized Possession.”  Enjoy:


One of my favorite definitions for anxiety is “living in the wreckage of the future!” Isn’t it the truth! We can spend so much time and energy worrying about things that have not happened and that likely will not happen!

All the while, we rob ourselves of living in the present, enjoying the life that is here and now. We also miss out on enjoying the people who are right here, right now-the most important people in our lives.

Mark Twain has said, “I’ve known a great many troubles in my life, but thankfully, most of them never happened!”

There are several practical steps we can take to help manage the anxieties in life:

  • Avoid Self Medication
  • Reduce Caffeine Intake
  • Exercise
  • Read Materials that are Positive and Uplifting
  • Keep a Journal
  • Consider Joining a Support Group
  • Learn to say “No.”
  • Learn to Reframe our Situation

I love the story about the soldier in Iraq who received one of those notorious “Dear John” letters that wreak so much havoc in the hearts of young men far away from home. To make it even worse, the writer ended her note dumping the fellow with this cold request: “Please return the photograph I gave you just before you shipped out. It is the favorite picture I have of myself, and I want to use it with my engagement announcement in our local newspaper.”

He was devastated and couldn’t hide it. When his buddies finally got him to let them in on his pain, they came to his rescue. They pooled all the photos of girlfriends and wives of the 175 guys in his company, dumped them into a shoebox, and sent them to the girl with this note: “Linda, please find your picture and return the rest. For the life of me, I can’t remember which one you are.”

Now, that’s reframing!

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