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A Word about Brain Fitness

A Word about Brain Fitness

50 years ago, going to the gym, jogging, working out, was something the average person did not do. Now, it seems, everyone has a gym membership, or finds another way to exercise regularly. That’s because a revolution took place in the 1980s and 1990s: we all learned how important physical activity is for our overall health and well-being.Harold Duncan 2014 SM

Brain fitness is the next step in that revolution. Just as we can exercise our various muscle groups and cardiovascular system, we can exercise our memory, attention, and much more. As with physical exercise, brain exercise can help us improve our performance and feel our best.

If you search for “Brain Exercises,” “Brain Fitness” or “Brain Training,” using your web browser, you will find a wealth of practical information on keeping your brain active and healthy throughout your life.

Pat Summitt is the long time head coach for the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteer basketball team. She is the “winningest” coach in all of college basketball–men and women.

In the Spring of 2012, she was forced to resign her position as head coach due to her diagnosis of early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s type. She was in her late 50s.

ESPN has produced a program about her life and her illness called “Pat XO.” It began airing the first week in July, 2013, and it includes her daily regimen of “brain exercises.” (It continues to be aired periodically on ESPN.) For upcoming showings, go to:


Another goldmine of information can be found if you:

Go to iTunes

  • Click on “iTunes U”
  • Go to “Mind and Brain” and, for no cost, you will have access to information that includes hundreds of audio presentations, videos, book references and web links!

So get ready. It’s time to lace up those brain fitness “sneakers” and get moving!

Here is a simple, yet challenging exercise that will stretch your brain and enhance your fitness:

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